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Since the 19th century, tweed has been renowned as the ideal gentleman’s sporting fabric. Its rustic outdoor heritage, durability and sophisticated style have ensured that over the years tweed has retained its distinguished reputation. Regardless of whether you enjoy shooting, fishing, cycling, golf or other outdoor activities, owning a tweed suit will equip you with a practical and eminently fashionable choice for these countryside pastimes. Listed below are our top tips on how to wear a tweed suit:

1. Wear during cool weather situationsTweed is a cool weather fabric that is appropriate attire for autumnal excursions. As a rule, tweed suits are acceptable attire for any outdoor occasion wherein you would usually wear casual suits, jackets or sport coats.

2. Acceptable weekend attireAs mentioned earlier, tweed is known as a gentleman’s sporting fabric. Consequently, a tweed suit or jacket can be worn to weekend, outdoor events such as golfing tournaments, shooting meets, fetes or garden parties. However, it is primarily a smart casual option and as such you should refrain from wearing tweed to more formal events such as white collar evening parties or business meetings.

3. Customisable optionsThe resurgence in the popularity of tweed in recent years means that it is now possible to customise your tweed jacket or three piece suit with your preferred stylistic flair. Although most tweed jackets and coats are single breasted with centre vents and notched lapels, you can now design your own bespoke two piece or three piece tweed jacket in a vast array of traditional or modern fabric patterns and add leather buttons, slanted pockets or collar closures, if you so wish.

4. Pair with suitable shirtsThe majority of tweed patterns are best paired with pastel coloured shirts, rather than crisp white options. Patterned flannel shirts are also suitable pairing options as they will accentuate the rustic outdoor heritage of your tweed attire.

5. Choose a weight which suits your purposeWhen designing your tailor made tweed suit it is important to consider the climate in which you will wear it and its intended purpose. This is due to the fact that both of these factors will affect the weight of the tweed fabric that you need. Whereas heavy 700 gram tweed fabrics are ideal for shooting in cold weather, lighter 300 to 400 gram tweed fabrics will be more appropriate attire for wearing indoors or during warmer weekend excursions such as cycling, golf or countryside walks. If you tailor your bespoke tweed suit with these activities in mind, you can be equipped with a sophisticated, stylish and practical piece of custom clothing that will accommodate for all your individual clothing needs.

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