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Such a small addition to any gents wardrobe, and yet one that holds so many faux pas. If worn correctly however, a tie bar is a great understated way of adding a little personal touch to ones look.
Not only a style feature, the tie bar is a functional item used to hold your tie to your shirt. Though its purpose shouldn’t come as a shock, it is surprising just how often you will see a rogue tie ending up dunked in a coffee, with a redundant tie bar clinging to the tie uselessly. So, without further ado:

Wear your tie bar if you are wearing a two-piece suit. You’ll be adding both an extra detail to an otherwise simple look and of course you will have a secured tie for the rest of the day.

Match your metals. If you wear other jewelry such as a watch and/or rings, match your tie bar to the metal of those. Silver with silver, gold with gold.

Wear your tie bar between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. This position should be more or less in line with your breast pocket, which achieves a symmetrical look.

Once you’ve clipped your bar in place, pull the body of the tie upwards from the tie bar. This will bring the top of the tie out a little, adding depth and detail to your look.

Wear a tie bar that is bigger than your tie. For the best look, the bar should cover 3 quarters of the tie, though you can get away with it spanning across half the tie. Anything smaller or bigger will look out of balance.

Wear the tie bar at an angle. Suits are all about balance, proportion and symmetry. Your breast pocket is perfectly horizontal and the placket of your shirt is perfectly vertical, having a randomly angled tie bar will throw the symmetry of the suit off.

Don’t wear a tie bar with a waistcoat or cardigan. The bars purpose is to hold the tie back to your shirt, but if you are wearing a waistcoat, the tie is already going to be pinned to your shirt. Having a tie bar as well as a waistcoat is a belt and braces situation.

Hopefully you are now fully aware of the benefits of a humble tie bar. It’s also worth noting that tie bars will work on plain, patterned, knit or silk ties alike. They’re also versatile enough that you could wear them with smart casual wear. A pair of brogues, dark jeans, check shirt and knit tie with a tie bar for example is a great smart-cas look. Experiment to your own taste with your newfound knowledge!

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