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How to wear a suit – Part 2

Not too many accessories…

Keep it sleek.

Don’t go overboard with accessories. A clean and sophisticated look means letting the suit do the talking.  Adding a pocket square might just be enough.

Ankles and socks

Cover your legs.  Why show skin when socks are so much part of your look.

The colour and pattern of socks add character.  They’re part of your overall theme so don’t miss the opportunity to be experimental. 

But keep white socks far away from your suit. 

The tie

The tie is your chance for some artistry.  Maybe you’re a single block colour kind of person or take the tie as a challenge for the brightest shade or boldest pattern.

The colour of your tie should contrast with your suit and add a pop of colour to your look.

Try contrasting a dark suit with light tie or light suit with dark.

A tie knot should be a decent size. Too big is over baring and too small will be under whelming. The tip of your tie should be at or just before your  trouser waistband.

Practice makes perfect with this, trial and error to get the tie the right length for you.

If you’re choosing a tie clip  it should never be wider than the tie.  It’s all about visuals and aesthetics. 

Shirt cuffs

A display point for cufflinks or an elegant flash at the end of your sleeve, the key thing is that your cuffs are the right length.

Shirt cuffs should not go over the hand, they should fall to the base of the thumb.

There are many different opinions on how much cuff you should show below your suit sleeve.  At Fielding and Nicholson we would recommend ½ inch.

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