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How to Wear a Cream Jacket?

It may be a bit out there for some and a cream jacket can be a hard task to wear, but here are our tips on how to pull it off with style

The way to think of a cream jacket is to believe that it is more useful than you might at first think. Even though a full cream suit is only acceptable on certain occasions like weddings and summer events, the jacket and trousers separately are great pieces to wear throughout the summer.

Pair your cream jacket with darker coloured trousers, such as a grey cotton or linen.

Pairing these colours is a great way of toning down the brightness of the jacket without it becoming dull. Although we would say never pair your cream jacket with a dark coloured shirt,  always go for white or pastels such as pink or baby blue.

Add a dark shade to round the outfit off with a handkerchief in your top pocket or a Necker tie. Try a shade of brown to compliment the cream.

Talking about how well together creams and brown shades go together, why not pair your jacket with a pair of brown trousers and shoes, making it a tonal look.

Lighter shades of brown would be preferable in the summer months, paired with some tortoises shell sunglasses.

Or go bright and bold with coloured trousers and a handkerchief that really stands out against the cream.

You could also go for a bold shirt, for example with a stripe or print.

We think once you make the leap into owning a cream jacket you will surprise even yourself in how much you wear it.

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