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How to Tie a Tie

There are many different forms of tie knots so don’t chicken out and buy a clip-on.

This guide should give you some tips on the occasion and style for each knot and how to tie it.

The Full Windsor

The Windsor knot is a triangle which is not truly symmetrical, but balanced.

The width of the knot makes it suitable for a shirt with a spread collar.  It’s ideal for formal occasions.

The knot is attributed to the Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII before his abdication)

It’s also the only tie knot which is used by personnel of the Royal Air Force. Have a look below at the basic step by step:

The Half Windsor (Single Windsor Knot)

The same style as the full Windsor,  but with only one loop rather than two from both sides. The final look of the half Windsor has a smaller triangle than the full.

It works well with light- and medium-weight fabrics ties.

Four Hand Knot (School Boy)

Also known as the School Boy or the Simple Knot, the Four Hand Knot is a very simplistic style. 

Legend says that carriage drivers tied horse reins with a four knot.

The knot is a narrow triangle.  Asymmetric, it’s appropriate for most formal occasions as well as ideal for every day in the office.

Shelby Knot

Similar in size to a half Windsor, the Shelby tie is also sometimes known as the Pratt knot.  It is slightly asymmetrical.

It was first worn during world war II and later popularised by American news anchor Don Shelby in 1986.

It’s a great addition to your portfolio of tie knots.

As ever, tutorials of all tie knots are on the internet to help.

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