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How to guide – Dressing for a heat wave

With the weird British weather we have at the moment we might be stepping too far in thinking about a heatwave and what to wear but there is always hope

We tend to go for chino shorts with a shirt or polo but here are a few ideas to change it up for the heat


There are some fabrics which you should definitely not wear in the heat and some that will be your best friend, for example linen and cotton. Always try to aim for natural fabrics rather than man made as they are breathable and will be much better at keeping you cool. 

Also aim for roomy oversized styles with lots of room to move because you really don’t want a shirt which is sticking to you and making you feel restricted.

Invest in a good hat 

Whether a cap or a straw boater a hat can really help keep the sun at bay. Have a look at the below styles and see what you think would add to your wardrobe


Try and branch out of your basic chino, talk to your tailor about a pair of tailored ones, you also then have a much larger range of fabrics, lengths and fit to suit exactly how you want to dress during the summer


For an adult man flip flops are no longer acceptable!

There are much wider variety of men’s sandals out there than they use to be including the famous Birkenstock which has become a real fashion staple.

They also have a lot more styles, colours and shapes, and one of them might peak your interest


Invest in a good pair of eye protection that is also super stylish, have a read of one of our previous blogs about our favourite styles of sunglasses for 2021

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