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How to dress up your polo shirt

We may love it or hate it, but with a slight warmth in the air the humble polo shirt is the perfect piece to dress up for alfresco food and drinks.

The polo has a much wider range of styles than you may think.  It’s most commonly known as a uniform piece, but it can be super stylish, especially if you can branch out in different variations including long-sleeved and polo sweaters.

The polo is a casual piece, but with a little confidence and ‘know how’ you can give it a more dressed appearance.

polo shirts

Opt for a knitted polo rather than the classic cotton as it can add texture and refinement to your look.

Embrace the lack of structure that is in a polo collar.  Try wearing it flat over your jacket lapels to add confidence to your look.

Most men own a solid colour polo, but maybe try a pattern or colour blocking.  Paired with a plain jacket either style would look great.  Switch things around – a block polo with a slightly patterned jacket can give a really nice retro ‘70s vibe.

polo shirt

The polo can obviously be worn by itself when it’s warm but when you need to keep those layers, it really does go with anything – suit jacket, unstructured blazers and more casual jackets such as a Harrington.

The perk of a polo is the collar shape.  It gives off a smart vibe and so elevates the look to be more smart casual, whatever you pair it with. 

The unsung hero of the polo style is the ‘long sleeve’.  The perfect alternative to a button-down shirt, especially when the weather gets a bit chilly.

If you choose a knit, it also acts as a sweater providing an extra layer of warmth.

polo shirt

Interested in some polos for your wardrobe? Get in contact with one of our tailors to have a look at our smart casual collection.


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