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How to be the most stylish man at a summer wedding

Summer weddings present a fantastic opportunity to go all out and showcase your style in a formal setting, take it as a challenge, and enjoy putting together something great.

Here are just a few tips and tricks from us.

Fit is key

Dress codes are important but good fit tops even that, if you show up with a badly fitted outfit people will notice “That guys shirt was way too tight for him” This is not how you want to be remembered or pointed out to by other guests.

Make sure whatever you are wearing is the right size and that goes for bespoke or off-the-rack.

If you are getting or wearing one of your bespoke pieces this shouldn’t be a problem.


Whatever you wear should match the dress code eg. A suit, chinos and shirt, suit trousers and casual jacket but don’t forget about accessories this will help pull the look together.

Watches are a big yes, a classic watch doesn’t just look great but can also be a talking point if the conversation around your table is a bit thin on the ground

Pocket squares and jewelry are also sublet yet effective accessories.  

Appropriate footwear

Some people put on a smart casual outfit for a wedding and then slip on their smartest shoes and it can sometimes look out of place. Think about what you are wearing! We aren’t opposed to a linen suit paired with a white T-shirt and white leather trainers. You don’t need to feel obliged to put on your black brogues if it doesn’t work with the outfit. Try and stick to the dress code though but also think about what you feel comfortable in and what’s in your style.


Make sure you smarten up, get a haircut and groom your facial hair. These events are the ones where you see people you might not have seen for years and making sure they remember you looking sharp and smart is a great incentive to look great.

Choose your fabric and look carefully

As we are planning for a summer wedding you need to think about the weather.

If it’s abroad and most definitely going too hot we would recommend cotton or preferably linen as this will keep you cool and is very breathable.

If it’s in the UK and the weather can do anything, opt for cotton as this will keep you warmer than linen if it does cloud over but will still be breathable in the sun.

Let us know what your summer wedding tips are…

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