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How to add pink to your wardrobe

It’s always a good time to think about incorporating pink into your wardrobe and its definitely something that you should not be afraid of. Not just for holidays, it should be worn all year round, here are a few tips on how to add a little bit of pink into your looks.



Work with your skin tone 

Picking the wrong shade can wash you out and just not work. Try and think of it as working with opposites, for paler skin a deeper more strong tone would work best, and pastels and pale pinks go better with dark skin tones or a post-holiday glow

But if it’s done right and worn well, these rules can be broken


Small Accents and accessories

Start small and subtle to build you confidence with adding colour into your looks. You could start with a small polka dot or striped tie and then transition into a solid pink.

The great thing about pink is that it can be worn with almost any other colour. Whether you wear a navy, brown or black suit, the pink ties will still look great. Here at Fielding & Nicholson we always think pink and grey is an understated combination

You could also try pink pocket squares, cufflinks or lapel pins to add accents of colour. If these are to formal try pink socks to splash a bit of colour round the ankle




A really basic way of adding pink to your wardrobe is in your shirts, like I said earlier pink goes with every colour of suit.

You could wear pink more casually with an Oxford cloth Button down shirt and a pair of chinos. Or wear it with your suit to the office, try it with a pastel first before you try bolder pinks




When you’ve built up confidence in wearing pink, add pink in to a look with a flare of style. Maybe in the spring and summer try a pair of blue trousers with a pastel pink cotton or linen blazer




Linings are an obvious choice in adding colour and personality to your suit and a great opportunity to add some pink. You could have a subtle pink patterned lining or something more bold but choose something that speaks to you.

If you end up not liking it or deciding you don’t like the pink you can always get your tailor to re line it for you.


Contact us now for your own consultation about how to add pink into your wardrobe in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom

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