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Great smart casual trousers that you should own

It’s easy to get stuck with your everyday go-to trousers, so here are our top 5 smart casual trousers that will spark your interest and reinvigorate your wardrobe.


Sometimes known as chino’s, the khaki trouser is a staple that we hope you already have in your wardrobe. With its roots in the US Navy, this versatile shape which comes in a huge variety of colours is an underrated piece of your collection, they go with everything.


Now don’t jump to the conclusions of the 70’s style or edgy artist, the corduroy trouser is a great piece, adding texture and interest to your outfit without making a bold choice.

Comfortable and warm as well, Did you know they were originally designed as working trousers before denim came along.

They also come in a huge range of colours as well as cord depth which is known as Wales, the higher the wale count the thicker the ridges. When choosing a cord trouser it’s definitely worth going and feeling the fabric.

Wool trousers

We know you would typically use them as part of your suit but they are just as good on their own. Adding a layer of sophistication to a casual outfit and making you look extremally well put together, even just for walking into town.

The key is to dress them down to make them a casual piece, so pair them with some white trainers and a plain white T-shirt.


Pleated trousers are currently often seen in suits but they are starting to make a rise in menswear as stand-alone pieces.

The elegance of the shape gives a great look but the style allows for fullness and therefore comfort which is what you are looking for in a casual trouser.

The humble wide leg

We are celebrating the end of the skinny leg trouser and welcoming back the wonderful silhouette of the wide leg.

Best paired with something a bit more fitted up top to accentuate the looser cut a wide leg trouser is a wonderful option for every occasion. It can be tailored to the perfect length or given a few turns up’s to add detail, but definitely go for a denser heavier fabric that will drape well.

Let us know what your favourite casual trouser is…

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