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Four shoe styles you need to look at in 2023

Sometimes our shoe collection can start to look a bit worn and outdated, that might be because you are wearing them a lot such, as office shoes or that you’ve found some at the back of your wardrobe that isn’t really your style anymore.

If you are in need of some new shoes this year here are our top picks from the 2023 shoe trends

Leather lace-ups or the casual occasion

When it comes to the weekend it’s a good idea to swap your smart shoes out for something more casual such as a pair of sneakers. There are so many styles and colours out there in regard to smart casual sneakers but we really love a neutral-coloured leather lace-up trainer.

Easy to pair with any outfit, comfortable, sleek and modern. They really are a great add-on to any modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

Smart Chelsea boots

You really can’t go wrong with a beautiful pair of Chelsea boots.

Easy to put on and instantly elevate an outfit, the Chelsea boot has a history in country pursuits such as horse riding, they are now a member of the wardrobe of any modern-day gentleman.

Coming in a huge range of leathers, colours and styles there is definitely an option for everyone. Whether you want blue sued, ombre brown, high polished or classic black.

Suede loafers for the summer

Loafers have made a huge comeback over the last couple of years because a great summer menswear shoe has got to the loafer. We are loving it in a suede fabric with topper detail such as tassels or a strap. They can go with a casual outfit (shorts and a T-shirt) or pair with your summer office suit (Linen or lightweight cotton).

This style is worth looking into as there is a huge range of options available.

Monk strap shoes

The monk strap style is definitely the most formal shoe on the list, perfectly paired with your office, wedding or formal event suit. Once again they come in all sorts of shapes, colours and styles it’s just all about finding the right ones for you.

But if you came into our shoe room looking for a new suit and you needed a pair of shoes to go with it this is the direction we would direct you in.  

All of these styles go with a variety of smart to casual looks and don’t forget we have an excellent partnership with the bespoke shoe maker Gaziano & Girling on Savile Row, it’s definitely worth popping in to have a look at what they offer.

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