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Forecasting the future – Dress-codes in the workplace

Over the last two years the dress-code of many companies has changed dramatically, especially in places like banks and law firms.

We already know that many firms previously implemented dress-down Friday for their employees. Transitioning to smart casual attire can’t have been too hard for them; albeit the ratio of smart-casual to suits has had to be flipped on its head!

A smart casual-dress code is hard to describe, but includes high-quality fine knitwear, oxford cloth button-downs, polo shirts, chinos, tailored trousers and leather shoes.  It’s the perfect wardrobe to wear to the office and then for drinks straight after, as well as out for brunch on the weekends.

Obviously, the suit hasn’t disappeared from our working wardrobes completely. Beautifully tailored suits are still going to be needed when meeting clients, meetings with important members within the company as well as corporate events and formal situations

We’ve found that in most firms and workplaces smart-casual is acceptable for day-to-day tasks but when meeting clients or important members of the company then your tailored suit comes back into play.

The ratio of dress-code has flipped when previously it may have been 30% smart casual and 70% suits. Now it’s 70% smart casual / 30% suits.

If you’d like more information about current dress-code trends please get in contact with one of our tailoring consultants.

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