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Flannel – Five reasons we are recommending it this Winter

The perfect choice for dressing down your suit to a more smart casual look is to select flannel as your cloth option.

A soft woven fabric made from worsted wool or worsted yarn flannel, it gets its characteristics depending upon whether it has been brushed to create extra softness or left un-brushed.

Most men normally have a wool suit, sleek and sharp, as their go-to choice. They may not have worn a pair of flannel trousers before, let alone a whole suit.

Here are five reasons we recommend flannel this winter

1 – Warmth

Wool is the go-to fabric for winter suits and flannel is just another type of way to weave wool yarns. It has all the characteristics of wool including its natural ability to keep us warm.

Flannel is a great fabric for Winter suits or trousers as it insulates you, meaning you don’t have to add as many layers to your outfit to keep you toasty and warm.

2 – Texture

When looking at fabrics we often go for hand feel, texture, colour and pattern to influence our choice.

Flannel has a soft yet thick hand feel which makes us feel warm, as well as its brushed texture. This brushed texture can often replace the need for patterns such as checks on our suits as the brushed texture draws the eye and creates depth.

It’s important when looking for suit fabrics that you touch and feel the samples to make an informed decision.

3 – Trend

Although tailoring doesn’t tend to follow trends, flannel fabric has been seen on runways over the last couple of years and is being used for many designer brands’ tailored pieces.

 If you are interested in following style and trends then a flannel suit is the perfect choice for you. Mix classic British tailoring with a fabric that is on-trend this season.

4 – Dress down

Another great thing about flannel is that it can easily be worn for a smart casual dress code. For example, just take your suit trousers from your flannel suit and pair it with a polo shirt and a piece of knitwear and you’ve created a smart and sophisticated look for parties or just the pub.

5 – Comfort

With flannel being a natural fibre that keeps you warm as well as being breathable your suit should be comfortable and soft against the skin.

Flannel is a great choice for winter as well as Autumnal transitioning weather,  from the last bits of summer right through to the cold of winter.

Get in contact with one of our tailoring consultants to discuss how flannel can fit into your wardrobe.

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