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Five reasons to add a sports coat to your wardrobe

The least formal of the tailored jackets, the sports Jacket or coat is normally less structured and a much more causal piece in your wardrobe.

Originally designed for sports such as hunting the style evolved into a relaxed jacket that could be worn when a formal suit was not needed.  At first considered a luxury item they are now seen as a casual yet sophisticated option.



1. Layers

Easily adapted for layering, the sports coat is a great choice for the autumn-winter season.

The looser structure and fit allows for bulk and a wider range of movement.  This is the jacket to accommodate a chunky knit underneath to keep you warm


2. Fabrics

Sports coats are great for pairing with other pieces from your wardrobe as they are available in a wide variety of patterns, colours and fabrics for all occasions.

For autumn-winter you might opt for a flannel cloth, tweed, herringbone or corduroy which will keep you warm and dry.  All are offered in perfect tonal colours for the season.



3. Features

Visible stitching is one of the factors that differentiate this jacket from a blazer. Pockets, darts and flaps also have more detail, enforcing its casual sporting roots.

You may choose a two or three button single breasted.  The flap pockets on the three button are another reminder its origins as a hunting jacket.


4. Pairing

Any sports coat is the perfect piece to add to your smart casual wardrobe, for work or any other event.

The aesthetic means that it will work perfectly with so many things and always adds a dash of style!

Smarten up a dark pair of jeans.  Or pair with suit tailored trousers, providing you avoid fabrics that are too similar – but not quite a match.



5. 2020

2020 has been the year of the smart casual for all our zoom meetings and working from home.  A sports coat can be that piece you just throw on, on top of your t-shirt when you remember at the last minute that you have a video meeting and need to look presentable.

It’s just a great piece to have in your wardrobe

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