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Five men’s wardrobe items to bid farewell to

There are a lot of things we love in our wardrobes and we try and make sure all our clients have to hand things they love so their outfits are always up to scratch, but there are a few pieces that we think should never be seen in a gentleman’s wardrobe and if you have them we think you should be saying farewell to them.


The infamous slip-on rubber shoe might be comfortable for lounging around the house or garden but it doesn’t belong anywhere else (They should not be seen outside your house)

Recently they have been seen as trendy foot ware but we disagree, they are a fashion faux pas as they are clunky and lack sophistication.

If you are looking for an easy slip-on shoe opt for classic trainers or loafers which have both comfort and style.

Skinny jeans

They have had their moment but we are hoping that they won’t come back into fashion any time soon.  The ultra-tight fit is uncomfortable, unflattering and they limit your movement which isn’t something you should be looking for in clothing.

Instead, go for well-fitted jeans that are comfortable to your shape and versatile for different situations including smart casual.

Trilby Hat

We really hope that we can all agree that a trilby hat is not a good look on anyone unless you are starring in a classic mobster film.

If you are a man who likes a hat think about something more contemporary like a beanie or baseball cap depending on the season or situation.

Casual waistcoat

Waistcoats can definitely be a stylish addition to a formal ensemble such as a 3 piece suit but a casual waistcoat is a 90s/noughties look that we hope will not come back into fashion.

If it’s a layering piece you are looking for, instead opt for knitwear such as a cardigan or well-fitted jacket.

The ‘Going Out’ Shirt

When you only have one good shirt that you feel is the one thing you can wear when you have to dress up and go out you are doing your wardrobe wrong.

You should have a selection of great shirts in different styles that you can pick from depending on the event, situation, and dress code.

Your wardrobe is a canvas for your personal style but we would like to think that your style doesn’t include the above!

If you feel like your wardrobe needs a bit of a revamp don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our tailoring consultants who will help you through a wardrobe consultation and show you what your next moves are regarding your style, fit, and wardrobe.

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