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Five key pieces on trend for SS23

A few trends have caught our eye for this summer which we think could easily translate into our own wardrobes.


Personally, I love a striped Tee and I couldn’t go the summer without wearing one, lots of people shy away from them thinking stripes can make them look bigger than they are but I think they give a sophisticated classic summer style for whoever wears them

Although stripes are a perennial style the classic Breton stripe we think is set to be trending this summer, in the UK and on holiday.

You just can’t go wrong with a blue and white striped short sleeve, it just looks good and goes with everything.

Knitted polos

We talk about knitted polos a lot on our menswear blog but we really do love them, they are perfect for a smart casual dress code and you can get them in some really great colours and patterns.

It’s a very Italian Riviera feel but they are lightweight, effortlessly cool, and versatile pieces to have in your repertoire.

Tonal tailoring

We can never skip a trend that is tailoring because you know how much we live for a well-tailored suit.

We are a bit divided on this trend here at Fielding & Nicholson because tonal tailoring means picking one colour and just running with it for your whole outfit. For example a dark blue summer suit with a matching dark blue top, we think it’s a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it.

Baggy Jeans

We are so pleased that the younger generations are moving away from skinny-fit jeans and t more stylish cuts that give the wearer a bit of movement.

We prefer a tapered look that is relaxed around the thigh but narrows towards the ankle creating a really nice silhouette.

If you’ve struggled to get the perfect fitting pair of jeans for you, don’t forget we do bespoke casual jeans as well.

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