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Face masks – The new accessory

Phone, keys, wallet, facemask.

This has become our new list as we walk out of our front door, so why not make your face mask a new accessory, that you can pair with your outfits?


Since they became mandatory in shops and other shared spaces, brands like Burberry have released their own line of facemasks. Many tailors have done the same, including Cad & Dandy and Richard Anderson.

Classic colours

We suggest that you should have at least one black mask in your collection as it can go with anything as well as looking sleek and professional. It’s also a good option to have a grey mask.  It has the same professional vibe as the black mask, but works better with lighter coloured or  summer outfits.


The choice in fabrics and colour is endless.  Try something light such as a linen or cotton.  For warmth maybe a tweed with a silk lining. There are so many choices out there, you’ll find something that suits you and reflects your style.

Match your suit

If you like to go the extra mile in how you dress, think about ordering a facemask that matches a key piece in your wardrobe.

Speak to your tailor and order a facemask cut from the same fabric as your suit or the same fabric as your pocket square.

If you’re interested in a tailored, bespoke face mask, talk to your tailor and add a new dimension to your outfit by thinking of your facemasks as an accessory.

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