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Ever thought about owning a suede jacket?

Although it doesn’t sound like a great fabric on paper (heavy, prone to stains and water) suede is actually a winner. With a well fitted jacket all those problems melt away, it makes you look sublime.

A true investment piece which, if well-cared for, will serve you great style for many years.

Have a look at our favourite ways to wear a suede jacket but remember, if you are going to invest you need to take care of it like you would a favourite pet.


With most suede jackets being beige or brown why not look for something more modern, there are some great colours on the market from pastels for summer and dark greens and blues for winter.

You don’t have to go bold and stand out, but going a little bit different can really elevate a look and make people take notice

You could layer with some lightweight knitwear for winter or a plain T-shirt for summer, make your jacket the statement.


Suede is definitely known as a causal material due to its soft feel and relaxed fit.

These characteristics along with it being able to hold so many different colours makes it the perfect fit for a casual outfit.  It also pairs well with the ultimate casual fabric – denim.

The suede jacket is one of those piece which can take you through all situations across your casual weekend, from the pub to a café and even the supermarket.

It makes a simple outfit look thought through and well put together.

Try with a polo or basic button down with cotton trousers or jeans, even add a pair of classic trainers or boots.

The Humble over-shirt

We hope buy now most well-dressed men have at least one overshirt in their wardrobe for their casual weekend looks.

But this could be an upgrade

Why not replace your over-shirt with a suede jacket? It gives the same kind of weight and feel to an outfit but adds a new texture. Layer with knitwear or T-shirts and make an outfit stand out.

There are so many options for the suede jacket, explore styles, weights and colours to find one just right for your wardrobe.

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