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Ever thought about a Velvet suit or jacket?

Not only do they make you look great with impeccable style, they elicit an air of sophistication. There is a huge array of luxury velvet fabrics in beautiful colours waiting for you to choose from.

Although velvet is often associated with certain seasons and trends such as black tie dress codes, we think it’s well worth having one of these beautiful suits with its luxuriously soft texture and slight sheen in your wardrobe.

Velvet can be a daunting fabric to look for, so sometimes it’s best to start small with the finer details such as bow ties, covered cuff links and then add on to that with velvet lapels and so on.

This will then allow you to add this luxurious fabric to your look without feeling overwhelmed by it.

red carpet velvet suits
Eddie Redmayne (Top Left), Michale B Jordan (Top Centre), Daniel Craig (Top Right), Jason Sudeikis (Bottom Left), Jason Momoa (Centre Bottom) and Chris Evens (Bottom Right)

When you think of sophisticated style it is normal to be drawn to a well-tailored suit and that suit is often cut in velvet.

Choosing the style, cut, cloth and trims for a velvet jacket can be hard but that is why you consult your tailor, they have a huge breadth of knowledge and are sure to advise you into a beautiful suit that works for your style, shape and needs.

Although we often think of classic velvet in Black it comes in a huge array of colours, it just depends on what you are looking for and where you will be wearing it. 

velvet fabric

A full ensemble of velvet can sometimes be too much and that is why we often advise you to pair your velvet jacket with cotton or wool trousers in black or grey. (but this all depends on your own style)

We would also advise you to go for a very simple dress shirt because you don’t want to draw attention away from the glorious fabric.

If you are looking for a velvet suit or jacket contact one of our tailoring consultants to arrange a consultation about your needs and wants for your tailoring.

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