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The future of sustainability: RWS

RWS means a voluntary standard that addresses the welfare of the sheep that our suppliers source fleeces from and the land that they graze on.

The RWS helps implement best practices for farmers, making sure the sheep farms have a progressive approach to managing their land, have high animal welfare standards and ensure a chain of custody for the certified wool as it moves through the supply chain so we know we are getting the best quality product.

The RWS certification starts with the farmer being assessed for animal welfare, land management and social welfare, once they have been certified they can sell their sheep’s fleeces as “RWS certified wool”.

RWS want every step of the supply chain to be certified so the fleeces can be tracked through every process to ensure the fabric or product that comes out the other end isn’t blended with non-certified wool and is of the highest quality.

RWS is something we are now looking for in all the wool cloth that we source, we want to make sure we are trying to be as sustainable and ethical as possible in all aspects of our company and that is massively focused on our fabric sourcing.

We will support and encourage the mills we work with to become certified so we know we are doing our utmost to become as sustainable as possible as well as encouraging others in the industry to do so as well.

We think that tailoring and bespoke suits are one of the most sustainable areas of the fashion industry as the customer is buying something fit to them, can be altered if the client changes sizes and is more likely to be worn time and time again because the customer loves it. With this in mind, we want to ensure that we work on our suitability even more and that is why we are investing in Responsible wool standard certified cloth.

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