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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson style: A masterclass for bigger chaps

We all know Dwayne Johnson either from film, TV or the world of wrestling but have you thought of him as a style icon?

With the help of his stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, he has made his look inspirational for other bigger gentlemen who want to look sophisticated and well turned out.

We often see his style rooted in tailoring as he knows he can get this to work well with his shape rather than buying off the shelf. He has spoken previously about how bespoke garments and alterations are key to making him feel and look comfortable in his clothes. He needs additional room for movement under the arms and around the shoulders as well as extra room on his large thighs. He pairs these beautifully tailored suits with great accessories and layering pieces, such as polo shirts and leather trainers.   

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson  casual outfits

When he’s feeling more casual, Johnson looks great in a T-shirt and jeans, which aren’t too fitted making them comfortable. He doesn’t need to wear fitted clothing because we can already see his gym gains without trying to accentuate them, and he knows it.

He looks great in a pinstripe! Although you may think pinstripe went out of fashion with YUPPY bankers, you would be wrong. Pinstripe is a great choice for someone who’s a bit bigger as it can elongate a herculean frame; pair this with a great cut and bespoke tailoring and you just can’t fault it.  

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson  in suits

The Rock is definitely someone you can take style inspiration from, especially if you are a bigger chap. But make sure to follow his own advice and go bespoke or make sure you get things altered to properly fit your frame. This will make you feel so much more comfortable in your own clothes.

If you’re a bigger gentleman please get in touch to see how we can style you as well (if not better!) than The Rock.

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