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Client Spotlight: Ian Daniels, Executive Director running eFX Distribution for EMEA at Nomura

I’ve worked with the team at Fielding & Nicholson since 2014 and have built a quite substantial wardrobe from fairly humble beginnings. 
My wardrobe somewhat reflects my career, working up through the ranks from my start in sales with RBS to now running eFX distribution for EMEA at Nomura. 

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My main style inspirations are Will Smith, Daniel Craig, Idris Elba and David Beckham. These are all strong, self-made men with a passion for projecting their own sense of style through their clothing. 
I started with the staples: navy blue, grey suits to ensure I could cope with any business meeting that was often thrown at me at short notice. These clothes needed to be durable and travel well for my rapidly increasing international travel requirements. 

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Once the staples were covered I progressed into subtle patterns – items that would offer me some variance in the wardrobe but not make me stand out as an overdressed dandy. 
As the working world began to change I began to develop the casual side. First focussing on casual jackets as ‘stand out’ pieces then moving onto chinos and even jeans during the pandemic. 

I’m now looking at creating a wardrobe for all seasons. This involved lighter weight suit cloths and linen etc. jackets for summer, heavier weight suitings, flannels and moleskins for winter. 
My wife often says I have way too many clothes(!) but at the same time, I work hard and believe that clothing forms an essential part of demonstrating professionalism and commitment to your role.

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 I’ve got a meeting booked in with Ian, who always challenges me to push boundaries and look even better than before. Onwards and upwards now to when things fully open up so that we can get out of the house and use our clothes once more!

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