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Dressing like a menswear icon

Dressing like a menswear icon involves embracing classic and timeless fashion choices while adding your own unique touch. This is your short guide on how to achieve this.

Find your style

The first step is to find a menswear style icon you can relate to, someone who already has elements of your own style and preferences when it comes to shapes and colours.

Here are a few icons we think are worth considering

David Gandy – Hi style when he is not on the runway or at a photo shoot is dominated by his impressive selection of beautiful  tailoring, which is often mixed up with casual pieces

David Beckham – renowned for his cool and versatile style, he can seamlessly transition from tailoring to casual street style without breaking a sweat

Daniel Craig – On the red carpet he likes to experiment with colour mixed with sharp tailoring, but off the carpet, he sticks to a uniform of jeans and casual outerwear

Pharrell Williams – An extremely outgoing fashion sense, Williams likes to play with colour texture and scale, worth a look at for adventurous choices

Amongst these great icons we have come up with key essentials that are worth investing in if you want to recreate some of their best looks:

The perfect suit – Invest in a high-quality bespoke suit that fits you perfectly, looks totally effortless and also reflects your personality

Crisp white dress – needed for all occasions from casual to formal It is something every well-dressed man should have in the arsenal

Dark wash Denim – specifically jeans that will see you right through from smart casual events, to an evening at the pub. They are needed for just general everyday style

Timeless footwear – Invest in high-quality leather shoes, including oxfords or Derby’s  for formal occasions as well as leather sneakers for more casual events

Accessories – Make sure you have at least one wristwatch, a leather belt and a pocket square for when you need that added flare

Casual Blazer – These have become even more needed with more Smart-casual events since covid. They are an easy slip-on to smarten an outfit up.

A few other things you should remember:

Embrace timeless patterns and colours – Stick to classic patterns such as tartans, houndstooth or stripes and if you are looking for a solid colour then Navy, grey and black are your best options.

Keep it simple – Fashion, in general, is often at its best in simplicity, minimalism and clean lines will always keep you looking great.

Build a wardrobe you love – Don’t get sucked into trends for the sake of them being trends, build your wardrobe around pieces you love.

The key to dressing like a menswear style icon is to draw inspiration from others but also find your own sense of style and develop your signature look, so maybe one day you can be one of the great menswear style icons.

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