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Dressing for the cold in style

Who enjoys being cold? No one enjoys wearing so many layers they can’t move! Here are our top tips on dressing for the cold weather but still looking great.

A Good overcoat

Investing in a quality overcoat is a good idea for everybody.  Sharp, sleek and professional, choose a good one and stay warm.

While the best option is a bespoke overcoat there are also excellent options ‘off the rack’. Just make sure to opt for the highest percentage of natural fibre as that is where the warmth will be coming from.

Sensible layers

Rather than thick jumpers to keep warm, consider your layers carefully. If you still want to look sleek in a shirt include an under T-shirt or vest and add a light piece of knitwear.

Don’t choose layers that restrict movement.  Multiple thinner layers are warmer, lighter and more adaptable than one bulky one.  

Appropriate fabrics

The best fabrics to keep you warm are always those made of natural fibres.

Choose cotton as a base layer.  Although it won’t keep you as warm as other fabrics it does allow the body to breath which will reduce sweat.

Wool is a great choice.  A thin layer will normally be more effective than a thicker layer of any other garment for keeping you warm.  Perfect for knitwear and overcoats, the weave will also help to keep you dry.

Remember that leather is also a good choice because it is naturally wind proof. A leather jacket or gloves are your best options


Aim to own at least one good hat.  Whether it’s a flat cap or beanie it will give you a bit of extra warmth and don’t forget a scarf!


Tuck the loafers and sandals to the back of your wardrobe for summer and make sure you have a couple of good pairs of shoes.

Brogues boots are a great option.  As they are leather, they are waterproof and they will have good grip. Or opt for a pair of chuncky trainers which will be warm.

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