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Could you pull off terry cloth casual wear?

If you haven’t noticed yet there has been a huge influx of Terry cloth garments showing up in the Menswear world over the last few summer seasons.

Originating in 19th century France the word Terry comes from the French verb ‘tirer’ meaning pull which references the structure and weave of the cloth. Which is pulling long knots of cotton through dense woven pieces of cloth creating a fabric with loops on one side and smooth on the other.

Terry cloth has a natural ability to absorb and be moisture-wicking, moving moisture away from the body which can be really helpful in the summer heat. The textured surface gives a soft and tactile feel and lends itself to very casual pieces but more and more smart casual pieces are being replaced by terry cloth versions.


T-shirts are simple and effortless, they require no dressing up or down they are just an essential basic. If you do want to elevate the humble T-shirt then Terry cloth is a great way to do this. Perfect for the heat and especially on holiday paired with tailored shorts they are great for a laid-back daytime look but layered under a nice blazer could be worn into the evening as well.


These are our personal favourites, the Terry cloth shorts. The perfect move on form Athleisure wear but not forcing you in to a smart casual look.

They come in a huge range of colours and they are a great add into your holiday or hot weather wardrobe.

Polo shirts

We have also seen a huge rise in long and short-sleeved Terry cloth polo shirts. We write a lot about knitted polos and these are a move-on from that, still a great style with an added texture but just a little bit different from your average piece.

Sweaters and Blazers

Some people are also opting for Blazers and Sweaters made from Terry cloth but for us, this is a personal styling choice. If you are willing to commit to the fabric go for it, but do your research first. Find some inspiration online and go in with an open mind.

Let us know what you think about Terry cloth becoming a menswear staple.

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