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Competition Winner – Ian Daniels

In 2010 I started working with the chaps at Fielding & Nicholson and I now have a very plentiful wardrobe indeed! 

I’ve always been mainly a suit wearer but with the pandemic came a lot of changes to the dress code I was used to at Nomura, a Japanese investment bank in the heart of The City. 

With the changing landscape came a career move, meaning a new direction in the way I dressed. 

Now I needed a casual wardrobe to match my suit wardrobe so the hunt was on for jackets, chinos, jeans, polos. 

I’ve entered a few F&N competitions in the past and always been unlucky. When they were giving away a jacket I thought, ‘why not?’ I was told I won and was over the moon!

Thanks once again chaps, the jacket is a welcome addition to my casual wardrobe and I can’t wait to show it off to colleagues and clients at the new place.

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