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Christmas Eve drinks – Pub, bar or just at home

We are hoping the Christmas tradition to go out on Christmas eve will still be going ahead this year, so we have had a think about where to go and what to wear.

The classic British Pub

Steeped in tradition a drink down you’re your local on Christmas eve is definitely our favourite choice.

Casual, cosy and easy, what more could you want the day before a busy Christmas. It’s an easy choice that comes with an easy outfit. Just go casual and aim for layers because it may be chilly outside but it will be warm and full of rosy cheeks inside.

Jeans, casual trousers, paired with a shirt and a piece of knitwear is your best bet. Maybe add a sleek tailored overcoat to add some sophistication but keep it simple.

full pub on xmas eve

A more sophisticated bar

If you are planning to go somewhere a little bit more classy than your local, maybe for dinner so you don’t have to cook or just for drinks, then a nice bar or restaurant is great.

Although you might have to dress up a bit more than going to the pub, you can still keep it very casual.

Maybe go for a button-up shirt with a crew or v neck jumper that shows off your collar, paired with some flannel trousers and sleek trainers or leather shoes.

Once again layers are key this time of year when you are in and out of the cold.

sophisticated bar

Few drinks at yours

Maybe your tradition is to have a few friends or family round yours to celebrate and for that, we recommend a great casual outfit, as you would wear to the pub or a restaurant but just pair it with your most comfortable slippers, because why not its Christmas.

If you are interested in adding pieces to your wardrobe whether it’s tailoring or something smart casual, speak to one of our tailoring consultants who can talk through your wardrobe and as well as discuss with you what you think you need.

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