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Brown is the new Black

With the change in fashion and trends, brown has become a very sought after colour for those with a good sartorial taste. It’s not just for the weekends in the country or nostalgic 70s suits, Brown has had a new lease of life, Brown is the new Black.

And it’s not just your classic brown suiting like tweed, there are great new options such as prince of Wales checks in tonal browns as well as checks like you see our founder Ian wearing below.

Ian fielding-Calcutt in brown and blue check suit

Brown is a great opportunity to step out of the norm of suiting but still have that classic feel that you can wear to any event as it’s a nice alternative to grey and navy. Brown is an easy colour to wear and just pushes the boundaries without being over the top and flamboyant.

Colour is important though. Try and go for something lighter such as oatmeal and camel or head to richer colours like espresso, this deeper colour allows for an interesting outfit but from across the room could just pass for a dark coloured suit. Just make sure you avoid a milk chocolate brown.

three men in different styles and colors of brown suits

Brown makes your suit a statement not just one of your average everyday two pieces and the fit/style must align with this. When the colour is lighter there is more pressure on the fit and styling choice because you can see every detail.

For example, pocket shape and position, single or double-breasted, lapel shape and length. Whilst with a darker colour you can get away with more because these details aren’t as prominent. But you never need to dull down a suit, even if it is in a dark colour all these details make it your own bespoke suit.

If you are interested in investing in a brown suit because we have convinced you that brown is the new black, have a chat with one of our tailoring consultants who will be able to talk you through the fabric and styling options available.

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