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Best Wedding Suit Combinations for 2021

Bold colours and patterns

Blue suits may have been the staple of a wedding suit for many years but bold colours, textures and patterns have grown in popularity.  Think green, burgundy, tweed, checks, jacquard prints and floral.

A bold colour or bright print make a great focus but don’t make overwhelming. Try having a coloured jacket and black trousers or a full patterned suit and block coloured waistcoat.

Or 2021’s most fashionable and daring trend, a bold check 3 piece suit.  A big pattern choice which will really make you stand out and look great.

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Tweed suits have rocketed in popularity over the last couple of years and will continue to do so in 2021.

This is down to TV shows like ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘The Crown’ which have reintroduced these classic vintage style suits.

Tweed looks great for an outdoor, rustic style of wedding, perfect for a stately home or country side setting. The tightly woven fibres and natural colours makes it great for autumn and winter weddings, especially in our infamous British weather.

A great feature of tweed is that it looks good ‘head to toe’ or adds character with just a few elements mixed into your wedding suit.  Try a tie or waistcoat.

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Double breasted

The self-confidence a double breasted suit portrays is perfect for your wedding day.

Because the DB suit is such a statement on its own,  it means you can keep your shirt and tie choices reasonably simple. Or if you choose a bold look this is the suit to do it with. It can handle bold colours and patterns for your shirt, tie, pocket square and even socks.

The double breasted suit is an attention captivator, but when you’re the groom isn’t that what you want?

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Tailored fit three – piece

A three piece suit is a great straightforward look.

Adding a waistcoat makes the look smarter than the regular two-piece suit. It’s wearable all the time but somehow perfect for a formal occasion such as a wedding.

The waistcoat can match your suit but also gives the opportunity to add another fabric, colour and texture to your look. With a tailor you can create the perfect fit for you.

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Morning suit comeback

The resurgence of the morning suit on the wedding scene came in 2018 but the trend is set to continue through 2021.

It’s traditional but there are a few rules and to do it well, it’s worth following them.

Morning dress should never been worn at events that start after 6pm. 

The coat is always black or grey matt with curved front edges making tails in the back, single breasted with peak lapels.

Trousers are grey or grey and black striped.

White shirt with turn down collar and cufflinks

A single or double breasted waistcoat with a silk tie

Add a grey or black top hat.

The morning suit is a British tradition that never goes out of style. 

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Contact us now to take a look at our options for great 2021 wedding suits in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom.

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