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Best ‘lockdown looks’ for your New Year’s Eve Party

2020 has been a strange time and we will all be happy to see in a new year!

 Whether we are going to be able to manage a small party, out for drinks or just at home watching the fireworks, New Year’s Eve is always a great excuse to dress up and this year it might be our only chance.

Unlikely black tie  

If you are closing the year with a classy bash then you may be one of the few and it will probably be a very small affair, but black tie is a great look for bringing in 2021.

There are a few rules to follow.

Make sure that your dinner jacket is well-fitting.  Always remember that “black tie” means a bow not a necktie and take time to practice how to tie it before the night!

Also, opt for a standard collar shirt which will keep your look contemporary.



Dinner party

A New Year’s Eve dinner party may be the best excuse we have to dress up this year.

Bring out the relaxed tailoring, oxford cloth button-down shirts, your tailored sports jacket and all the great pieces you haven’t been able to wear in 2020 because you’ve had nowhere to go.

And don’t forget that great pair of shoes you bought in March and haven’t worn because you’ve lived in slippers for so long now.



Watching the fireworks with friends

It may be a small gathering but make the most of the opportunity.

Get your favourite winter coat out that hasn’t seen the light of day so far this year and build an outfit around that.

A good pair of chinos or tailored trousers with a great piece of knitwear is a good start.

Wrap up warm and raise a glass to 2021 being a better year.



Fingers crossed the pubs are open

We are really hoping that the pubs will reopen so we can ‘cheers’ with a cold pint in our hands to the New year!

Go for an oxford shirt layered over a t-shirt, buttoned or unbuttoned with a pair of tailored trousers, or a thick gauge cardigan and a warm coat.



We hope 2021 brings us better luck and that things will go back to a ‘kind of normal’ but we should still definitely see 2020 out with a bang!!

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