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Bespoke Umbrella -The perfect accessory for a bespoke suit

The most useful accessory you can have living in the United Kingdom with our unpredictable weather is an umbrella and the best quality umbrella you can get is bespoke from James Smith and Sons.

James smith & sons 
umbrella shop

James Smith and Sons Umbrellas of London was established in 1830, Mr James smith founded the firm at Foubert’s palace near Regent’s street in London’s west end.

In 1851 Samuel Fox invented the form of umbrella we know today with the lightweight steel frame.

James smith II was one of the first umbrellas manufacturers to use foxes frames which made the business grow so much that in 1853 the company had to move to larger premises on New oxford street where the shop remains almost unchanged

During the 1850’s they also had a shop on Saville row which later moved to Burlington street and was destroyed during Bombing in WW2.

James smith & Sons 
Umbrella rack

They have a huge range of styles, lengths and weights.

“The gentleman of London have entrusted the making of their umbrellas to James smith & Sons for over 185 years.

To look like the most well dressed gentleman in London you could match your umbrella to your favorite suit or maybe to your briefcase, think of it as you would any of your other accessories.

“Whether combining a bowler hat with the slim rolled umbrella in the city of London or using a solid stick umbrella as a walking aid, the little umbrella shop on the corner of New oxford street continues to produce umbrellas of the best quality” (Smith, 2021)

They also have a repair guarantee so if anything goes wrong with your umbrella they will fix it.

Men with umbrellas

So why not invest in a beautiful handmade quality umbrella. You won’t have to have cheap one that turns inside out and breaks within the year.

Have a look at what styles, colours and shapes they have to offer

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