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Barbour waxed jacket – A must have

The definition of a well dress British gentleman is a waxed Barbour, Why is this jacket a must have in your wardrobe

The Barbour doesn’t need a label for you to know exactly what it is and its 126 year history is to thank for that.

The company started in 1894 and has since earned the title of timeless and iconic for their most well-known jacket, The durable waxed cotton with a corduroy collar coats have been produced for 40 years almost unchanged in their factory in south shields.

Countryside weekends

Barbour’s aren’t just a piece of timeless style they are also extremally functional and perfect for the weekend in the countryside, particularly for a weekend of shooting and sports. Similar to tweed jackets, the Barbour has become a uniform for shoots and country pursuits.

The Barbour Is perfect for these situations as it is hard wearing, has many pockets which are a range of sizes and is waterproof.  

City modern

Barbour has also diversified over the years, they don’t just have their traditional long olive green waxed jackets.

They have designed more fashion forward designs with more colour options and styles to please those who want to look a bit more modern with all the qualities of their classic jackets.

They have also developed more styles including pull overs and re-engineered their classic.

It really is a must have jacket brand to have in your collection; its classic, stylish, durable, waterproof and easy to pair with your outfit

Have a look at their website and see what style you feel would fit your wardrobe.

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