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Autumn winter trends and styles for you this season

Trench coats

Nothing new to the menswear wardrobe but if you don’t already have one now is the time to start thinking about it. Whether you opt for the classic style from Burberry or go for one of the new takes on the shape, you will find something that appeals to you.

It’s a great light weight coat as well so it can see you though the transition period between spring/summer into Autumn/Winter. 

Knitted polos

We already know how valuable a polo shirt is to any man’s wardrobe but throw in a slightly heavier long sleeve polo and you can continue to wear this great style right into the winter month.

A stylish piece which is great for layering as well as being a statement piece, Available in various colours and patterns depending on what you’re after.

This is definitely something you should look into investing in.

Sweater vests

Some 90s styles are creeping back into fashion which is always the case “trends always come back around” But something which we do like that has come back is the humble sweater vest.

Whether you wear it in a bold print with tailored trousers and a shirt or in a block colour with a polo shirt and chinos, it does look good.

Its definitely not for everyone but maybe give it a go.

Casual suits

Due to everyone working from home, people are more interested in comfortable relaxed clothing and that even means the suit. With unstructured tailoring and things that maybe we wouldn’t even class as suits, due to the not looking like we expect becoming more popular, it’s worth a look if you think this is something that might suit your work wardrobe.

Roll necks

Although this is Definitely not a new trend, we do like to see it year in and year out – The humble roll neck.This year it’s going to be more about how you wear it, and this means layering.

Pop it under a suit, a jacket or another piece of knitwear.

Talk to one of our consultants about what you could add to your wardrobe this Autumn / Winter

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