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Ascot dress codes and Enclosures

Ascot is a prestigious horse racing event that takes place every year, but it isn’t just a racing day, it’s a day where people showcase their style and elegance. It is known for its fashion even though it has a very strict dress code and this differs between each enclosure.

There are four main enclosures at Ascot: the Royal Enclosure, the Queen Anne Enclosure, the Village Enclosure, and the Windsor Enclosure. Each enclosure’s dress code reflects the level of formality and elegance expected of the attendees.


The Royal Enclosure is the most exclusive enclosure at Ascot, and due to that, it has the strictest dress code.

 For men, a black or grey morning coat with a waistcoat, top hat, and black shoes is required. Women must wear a dress or skirt suit that falls just above the knee or longer, with a modest neckline and sleeves and hats with a solid base of at least four inches in diameter must also be worn, for men this is the traditional top hat.


The Queen Anne Enclosure is less formal than the Royal Enclosure, but it still has a strict dress code. Men must wear a suit and tie, while women are required to wear a dress or skirt suit that falls just above the knee or longer. Hats are once again mandatory for men and women.


The Village Enclosure is a more relaxed and informal option.

Men are still expected to wear a suit and tie, but they can opt for a blazer and chinos if they prefer. Women can wear a dress or skirt suit, but they have more flexibility in terms of length and style, but hats are optional In this enclosure. But because people still like dressing up it is still very common to see hats on men and women.


The Windsor Enclosure is the most casual of all the enclosures, and there is no official dress code. However, racegoers are still expected to dress appropriately for the occasion. Men can wear smart trousers and a collared shirt, while women can wear a dress or smart separates.


Overall the Ascot dress code is about the clothes being elegant, traditional, and sophisticated as much as it is about horse racing. This means for men Morning dress becomes the norm for a day and this is because the dress code is a requirement for entry into the course.

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