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Luxury is the commitment to excellence. Settling for nothing other than perfection. In luxury there is no room for improvement. There is no “one up” from luxury; it is the best in the world. But does buying luxury items actually mean the items are better?

If you buy a luxury item, the price is of course much higher than it would be for a high-street equivalent. Though the dent in your wallet is initially greater than it might normally be, the item will last you many years longer compared to a high-street version. This means over the years your wallet will remain untouched; saving you money in the long run.

On bespoke shoes for example, the leather used in the product will be of the highest quality. The stitching in the shoe will have been meticulously crafted by a highly skilled shoemaker and the fit of the shoe will be sculpted to a foots exact shape – providing a beautiful and comfortable shoe. The attention to detail when creating the shoe is why it will last much longer compared to an any off-the-shelf type of shoe. Your shoemaker will be able to swap out your old soles when they tire out and because of the shoe fitting your feet so well, your feet are less likely to rub on the inside of the shoe so the leather will last much longer.

Most luxury items should fall into these two categories:

1) It should look better – the materials used should be the best possible quality.

2) It should last longer – when the item is created, it should be done so with precise skill and attention to detail to ensure everything is functioning to the best of its ability.

The same applies to a bespoke suit or coat. The hand-cut pattern means the jacket will fit perfectly without pulling on a seam like an off-the-peg could and less tension on seams will elongate the lifespan of the suit. If you find yourself wearing through suits quickly, a Fielding and Nicholson tailor will be able to recommend a cloth that suits your taste but has durability to last much longer.

As long as your luxury item(s) cover the above 2 points, they will not only help you look better but they will help keep your wallet full in the long run. If that’s not the definition of a win win, we don’t know what is!

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