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About the humble T-shirt

Although a basic element of your wardrobe, your T-shirts should always be high quality. You want something that reflects the rest of your wardrobe.

Our first tip is to look for T-shirts with a higher fabric weight, this may seem like something odd to look for in a basic Tee but the weight will reflect the drape, how long it will last as well as how it ages through wear and washing.

Now you will definitely want your basic colours such as white, beige and maybe black but don’t forget to look at others, such as purples, greens and blues. These are all great layering colours as well as stand-alone pieces.

The shape is also something to consider when looking for your basics, the trend at the moment is for a boxy cut but this might not be right for you. It’s worth shopping around as some places specialise in certain cuts, for example, Uniqlo has a great range of heavy-weight quality boxy t-shirts.

We have picked out a few of our top choices in where we get our own T-shirts from, to help you make the right choice when investing in your T-shirts.

Armour Lux

A French brand known for their Breton tops but also has a huge range of pieces including basic tees.

Uniqlo U

At the lower end of the market but Uniqlo, T-shirts are not to be sniffed at, their T-shirts are thick, soft and in a huge range of colours.


One of the up-market brands of H&M Arket is one of the best places on the Highstreet for T-shirts

Let us know what your favourite T-shirt brand is…

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