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A vaccine has been developed, but what does this mean for our business wardrobe?

News of a UK approved vaccine gives us hope that 2021 will see a chance for office workers to return to their desks, leaving behind their joggers and returning to a business wardrobe.

City of London Corporation Policy Chair Catherine McGuinness said in an interview with City AM  “with reports of a coming vaccine it seems there is finally light at the end of the tunnel”



New Job

If you were a new starter or were hired during the pandemic you may never have been into your office.  This is the opportunity to make a good first impression to all these people you’ve only met over zoom or talked to over the phone

So, dress your best!

Get that suit you’ve always wanted; wear those shoes you keep meaning to get out of the box and make an effort. Set yourself a standard of smart and stylish from day one.

Switch up your shirts

Going back to the office may give you the opportunity you’ve wanted to explore and expand your wardrobe more than you used to.

If your go to norm is a white shirt then try a new colour, a different fit or be bold and choose a pattern.

The dress code may say ‘shirt’ but it doesn’t say you can’t also add personality to your look.

Bring that smart casual back with you

Play with your wardrobe a bit. Perhaps leave the pressed and creased trousers in your wardrobe and try a pair of dark navy Chinos with a shirt.

You’ll still look smart but be more comfortable



Controversial trainer

Is this suitable in your office?  

Some trainers are more expensive and stylish than your traditional smart pair of shoes.

Put on a great pair of kicks with your best suit or smart casual outfit and see how you feel.

If you think you can rock it then take the leap of faith and add them to your business wardrobe

So, dust off your suits, polish your shoes and get a haircut because you may be back in the office before you know it

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