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A suit that is tailored is good for the planet

The sustainability of our planet is such a big focus for us all right now.  We see so many headlines about fast fashion and underpaying, polluting factories. How can we make better choices?

It may be a surprise that buying a bespoke suit is one of the greenest options.  But by choosing a sustainable fabric in a classic, long lasting design,  a tailored suit can feel completely guilt free.

Tailoring means sustainability

A tailor means that you’re the designer for your own clothes.  There’s no need to settle on things you only half like from shops.

With a bespoke product there is no over production of garments and the skills of the professional cutter mean that little cloth is wasted.  In that way we avoid the landfill waste that major fashion labels struggle to manage.


All our suits are crafted from the natural fibres of cotton, linen and wool.

The internal canvas is horse hair, buttons are of horn or mother of pearl and the thread is cotton.

Many suits are made from wool and we’ve been excited to see a revival of the British mill trade in recent years.   This means that the wool from our British sheep can be woven locally.  The material and the trade are sustainable and with no overseas shipping the carbon footprint is kept low.  

Another wool which can be used is vicuna.  Taken from the chest of this South American relative of the lama, Vicuna is extremely fine.  Harvested on a three year cycle, woven vicuna is the most expensive of wools.  But with a low scale production and slow growing process it is very sustainable.

Most of us are familiar with linen as a suit fabric.  We can forget that this is also a natural fibre. Like cotton it is a plant with the majority of the product grown in Europe and Russia.  While cotton taken from a seed ball, linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant. 

Natural fibres are not just good for the environment and sustainability they are good for us.

Cotton, linen and wool don’t irritate the skin like some man-made fabrics.

The natural fibres are breathable and allow body heat out.  Welcome qualities for our erratic weather and ensuring that a quality suit can work in any environment over the day.

A Long lasting investment

Bespoke suits are designed to last. High quality fabric means durability.  Your design means a piece that will last and there is always the option for re-fitting and re-adjustment which will reinvigorate and make it feel like new again.

An investment that you will keep and wear throughout your life.  A decision that means that you will feel great about your suit, and good about a choice which is helping save the planet. 

Contact us now to take a look at our sustainable options for your bespoke suit in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom

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