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A simple Blazer to save your summer

The great thing about a casual summer blazer is that it’s an easy layering piece that can elevate a look and instantly make your look smarter and more sophisticated, if that is what you are going for, and for a British summer this is a must-have.

Whether it’s to meet your friends for a casual drink, heading to a garden party or maybe even the races the humble summer blazer is the only choice.

The easiest way to style a summer blazer is with a simple combination of jeans and a t-shirt, the blazer itself adds a little class to the look as well as a bit of warmth because if you’re going for a day to night look in the UK you know it’s going to get chilly at some point.

Fabric wise we would recommend a lighter fabric such as linen, cotton, summer lightweight wool, like Loro Piana, or maybe even a seersucker for a really summery feel.

Try and go for neutral tones as these are easy to pair with most things, blues, cream and greys are a good shout. We are also really enjoying the double-breasted summer blazer at the moment, which is adding even more detail to the look.

When discussing with your tailor, think about how you want the fit as well as lined, half lined, no lining, canvased or not and don’t forget the collar and pocket details.

You might want to make it quite different to your normal suit jackets or you might like the shape and style that you often opt for but tweak it to make it fit for your purpose.

In our opinion, a good summer blazer that is fit for purpose is as good as the go-to layering jumper you use in the winter. It must be functional but at all times elevate the look of whatever you are wearing.

I know this sounds like a hard task but your tailor can help advise what would be best for your individual tastes.

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