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A modern-day power move – The pinstripe suit

You may think a pin-stripe suit can look a bit dated but we think it’s a modern-day power move. It makes people do a double-take, not for a bad reason, but because it demands attention to the bold or chalky precise vertical lines.

Pinstripe suits have a long-standing history in business with their roots in Victorian banking. Bank employees would wear pinstripe suits with different widths depending on the financial institutions they worked for. You can also see the use of stripes to define groups of people in other Victorian situations such as boating.

American culture gave the pinstripe suit a new lease on life with links to Al Capone and other criminal kingpins which gave the style a reputation embraced by powerful men.

The pinstripe suit has evolved over time and like many other styles in fashion is always changing. Recent shows from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton have bought pinstripe back into the eye of the fashion world.

When looking at a pinstripe suit it’s good to know how bold you want your stripes to actually be, whether you want the stand-out solid lines or something a bit more chalky adding a hint of the pattern.  Our tailoring consultants can guide you through these options and help you to work out what would suit you best.

Colour is also important. The most classic choices are multiple shades of blue or charcoal greys, but many other options are available if you choose.

To find a pinstripe suit that is exactly what you want then get in touch to discuss fabrics, shape and style.

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