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A lining adds flare to your suit…

Having a custom bespoke suit is a great way to look sharp as well as adding personality into your style, especially through the lining.

Bold colours and patterns

Bold colours and patterned linings  offer an unlimited choice but do try and pick something that compliments both you and your tailor made suit.

Strong colours and unusual patterns can reflect your personality but subtle colours remain a classic ‘go to’.


The lining adds weight and structure, helping the jacket sit smoothly upon the body, reducing crinkles and bunching.

Hiding the inner canvas and structure of the jacket, a lining makes a jacket aesthetically pleasing .


Linings are generally made from silky, satin type materials which allow ease of movement.

As with suit fabrics there is a variety of materials that can be used at a range of prices, with silk at the top end and synthetic fabrics such as viscose more reasonable but still of great quality.

The choice is yours.

Unlined and partially lined suits

Un lined suits are light weight but much trickier to make as the tailor must unsure all threads are tied and the hem is perfectly stitched.

Partially lined suits generally have lining in the sleeves, shoulders and chest areas.

Both unlined and partially lined are more breathable, good for hot weather and casual wear.

If you want to add that pop of personality and colour into a smart suit it is definitely worth taking time to decide which lining is right for you.

Contact us now to take a look at our options for your own bespoke suit  in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom.

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