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A guide to the best ties on the market

A menswear accessory that holds the power to transform an entire outfit is the humble tie.

It’s a symbolic representation of sophistication and style that has stood the test of time over years of sartorial excellence.

Classic silk

When you think of a tie your mind generally pulls you to a silk tie, renowned for its versatility and timeless appeal the silk tie is a wardrobe staple. Some of us wear them nearly every day and some of us wear them only a couple of times a year but we all own at least one.

We offer ties within our styling but if you are looking for off-the-rack then brands like Brooks Brothers and Ermenegildo Zegna always have an array of beautiful ties in various colours and patterns.

The knitted

The knitted ties are often underappreciated for their greatness. It has the power to bring depth into an outfit with its use of texture. It’s gained popularity over recent years for this very reason. Knitted ties come in a range of fibres including silk, wool and cotton depending on what style you are going for.

We would say that it’s the perfect choice for a semi-formal occasion, it’s just about finding the right one for you. J.Crew and Drakes are notable names when it comes to quality knit ties.

The Bow tie

Not as common and often only worn for very formal occasions the Bow tie is an iconic piece of neckwear. But people more and more are starting to experiment with patterns, fabrics and colours to infuse personality and flare into this classic accessory. Both Brackish Bowties and Tom Ford offer a stunning collection of dapper Bow ties for you to choose from.

Sometimes choosing a tie can be the hardest decision you make about your outfit. Do you want it to stand out or not?, What style do you like?, What shape and size do you want?

If you need some simple straightforward advice speak to one of our tailoring consultants who will be able to help guide you through the mountains of beautiful neckwear.  

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