A guide of what to avoid for any well-dressed man

We write extensively about what we think well-dressed men should wear. But here are a few things we think you should definitely avoid…

Three quarter length trousers / Long shorts

Let’s be blunt, they just don’t look good and they don’t know whether they are trousers or a short! Leave them to the weekend rambler and make the choice between shorts or trousers, it’s not that hard.  

Skintight jeans

Thankfully this trend is on the decline because skin-tight trousers should be kept to exercise clothing only! And spray-on jeans just look so uncomfortable.

skin tight spray on jeans

Ripped jeans

We love a beautiful pair of jeans that fit you well and last a lifetime so why buy them damaged? Also, holes in your jeans will make you cold which also defeats the object of clothing? This trend really boggles our brains.  

mens ripped jeans

The indie style deep V neck

Why do you need to show off that much chest and the bigger the V the more likely the top is to just slip off your shoulders. This style is just impractical, this trend is for the burn pile.

mens deep v neck t shirt

A leather blazer

It’s a women’s wear trend at the moment and it’s started to creep into menswear and we just think it’s a 70s tacky ripoff. If you want a 70s vibe in your outfit do it well and not with a brown leather blazer.

mens brown leather blazer

If you want some advice for your own wardrobe and looks and think it hasn’t reached its potential, book an appointment with one of our tailoring consultants who can talk through your wardrobe and help you with casual and tailoring pieces.

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