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5 things to remember when dressing for a heatwave

We aren’t often very prepared for a heatwave because we don’t often get them here in the UK. But when they do come here are our top 5 tips to follow, keeping you cool and stylish through the soaring temperatures.


Fabric choice is important when it comes to high temperatures and humidity, choose badly and you will feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag and feel very uncomfortable all day.

Top choices to go for would be silk, linen, cotton and open-weave fabrics, such as Dormeuil or Loro Piana, as well as any of these as a combination weave such as a linen silk blend.

All of these fabrics are natural, meaning they are much more breathable than synthetics and will keep you a lot cooler.

Summer suits such as linen, cotton or seersucker are great examples if you are looking for tailoring in the sun.


With heatwaves becoming more common it’s time to invest in a good pair of shorts and not just buy them last minute before you jet off on holiday.

There are many options out there on the market depending on what you are looking for. Chino style, board short shape and lots more. Choose a shape that will fit all your summer occasions and don’t forget about what we said when it comes to fabric.

Flipflops are a NO

Unacceptable shoes to wear in public in the summer are flip-flops! If you need and want a pair of sandals look for something a bit more stylish, practical and comfortable.

Birkenstocks are a popular choice at the moment and come in all different styles and colours.


We have spoken before about how important it is to invest in a good pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes as well as look good. Go for a pair that will easily pair with every summer piece in your wardrobe and enhance them. Tortoise shell or black is always a solid choice.

Wear sun cream

There is nothing worse than getting sunburnt or even slightly prickly and the way to avoid this is to use sun cream. Any form of SPF is good and is often mixed into moisturisers meaning you don’t even have to think about applying it.

We know it sounds silly but it will make your British heat wave go a lot smoother if you aren’t bright red and sore.

What’s your top tip on surviving a British heatwave?

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