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5 Reasons to invest in a pair of bespoke jeans

Here are our top 5 reasons why investing In a pair of bespoke jeans is worth it

Denim that fits how you want it

How many times have you bought a pair of jeans and they just don’t fit how you want them too, to big on the waist but tight on the thigh. When investing in bespoke jeans you can make sure your tailor fits them exactly how you want them too.

No more badly fitting denim

bespoke jeans

Choice in the details

There are so many different rivets, buttons, contrast stitch colour available meaning you can customize your jeans to look exactly how you want them. You have choices to make in what lining fabric you want in the pockets, what colour and style button, to match or contrast the colour of the rivets and to blend the stitching or make it stand out.

The choice is yours!


The unlimited choice in denim is also a great thing about bespoke jeans, you can choose the exact colour and shade you want from indigo and  black to white depending on your preferences. You can also choose the denim weight to have stiffer or softer jeans. It is your choice to make as you are the only person who knows what you look for in the perfect pair of jeans.

bespoke jeans


Along with choices in colour, weight and detail you also have the choice in style and shape. Finding the perfect fit for yourself might have been hard when buying off the rack but with bespoke jeans the tailor can help you in finding the shape that suits you and is also most flattening.

With styles including skinny, slim, straight leg, bootcut, relaxed fit and loose fit. With the help of a tailor you will most definitely find the style that suits you best.


As we all know denim was originally designed as workwear for manual labour making it very hard wearing. This means if you care for your jeans well they should last you a lifetime.

bespoke jeans

If you are interested in your own pair of bespoke jeans, contact one of our tailors and they will talk you through our fitting process.

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