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5 outfits for events you might find yourself at this summer

Although there might be a few special events that you really have to dress up for in the summer like a day out at the races, a wedding or maybe a work summer party, you will mostly be attending things like barbeques, day drinks, dinner out and maybe the odd walk to the pub.

And these events need just as good an outfit as special occasions so here are our top 5 easy summer looks.

The warm weather office look

When it comes to warm weather in the office, you can’t just shed clothes as you would with a casual outfit, shorts and a t-shirt might not be seen as a good thing in a morning meeting.

You need to think about fit and fabric, something a bit looser maybe a boxier shape, but stick to plain traditional shirt colours so the new shape isn’t seen as too much of a bold move.

Linen and cotton are your best option for fabric in the heat as the fabric is extremally breathable which will keep the air flowing

We think the best look overall is a pair of cotton or linen straight leg or looser fit suit trousers with a slightly looser style oxford cloth button-down shirt and if you need to layer later into the evening on your way home add the suit jacket.

Your tailor can help you get the perfect fit for summer shirts, just talk through what you need.  

Vague dress codes

Being invited to a summer event with a vague dress code can send you into a spiral of doubt when it comes to choosing what to wear.

We think the best choice is to go for is tailoring but without all the bells and whistles. Definitely don’t go in your work/office suit and maybe change it up by wearing separates, for example, the jacket with a pair of khakis or the suit trousers with a plain shirt.

A useful hint is to add accessories like a tie or pocket square and then when you see what others are wearing you can assess and see if you need to pocket them.

Also when it comes to shoes you can always opt for a pair of trainers, we would recommend plain white with most outfits.

Day drinking that turns into a night out

Whenever you are out on a sunny day with friends having a drink the hours easily slip by much like the pints and by 9 pm when the sun is finally starting to go down someone has a great idea to go to another bar and then another and then sometimes you end up in a party, night club or karaoke bar and you need an outfit that will do it all.

You might not think it, but we would recommend a bag, whether that’s a rucksack or fashionable tote it’s a great way to store your layers when it’s hot in the sun and then again when you are jumping around in the evening.

That’s why layers are the way to go which means over shirts or light jackets which elevate a look and also provide that much-needed warmth as the evening gets colder.

Alfresco Barbeque in Britain

The British weather is so unpredictable, you can have boiling weather on a Monday, plan a BBQ for the weekend and by the time it comes around its pouring with rain, so you have to be prepared.

It’s always worth checking a weather app before you leave the house because it’s pointless dressing for the weather you hope will happen in the UK. Stick to your basic casual outfits with jeans, a t-shirt and an overshirt. If there are signs of rain in the forecast just take a coat, because if you don’t and it does pour you’ll regret it, standing outside trying the cook the sausages under an umbrella is not a good look.

Birthday drinks

It’s the one event each year that you should really try and look good for and if you are lucky enough to have It during the summer it’s worth making the most out of the weather and later evenings.  

Don’t go for anything too outrageous just go for an outfit you know you look good in, sometimes a basic well put together outfit is better than something too bold.

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