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4 ways to spruce up your office wear

Sometimes all you need is a bit of a wardrobe shake-up to feel new and fresh again and that might just mean moving pieces from the back to the front so you branch out more in your looks or it might mean finding new pieces which will change your everyday style.

Office attire has also changed massively since covid, becoming a lot more smart casual rather than formal so here are a few of our favourite things to try when you are wanting to spruce up your work wardrobe.

1 – Try a different piece of knitwear

If you are a go-to crew neck jumper kind of guy and love to wear them as a base layer then why not try a V-neck, chunky knit cardigan, or even a ¼ zip-up jumper.

It’s a small change but it might just be the little pip in your step that you need, all of these styles also go really well with a crisp button-up shirt or a polo if you are on the more casual side.

2 – Try a new shape in trousers

Rather than pulling on your same couple of pairs of trousers why not try a new shape and fabric? You could look at a looser-fit trousers such as pleated which have a comfortable and relaxed feel. Pleated styles actually have extra fabric built into the pleats so that when you sit down it creates more space and is a lot more comfortable to sit in than your normal straight-leg suit pants.

You can look at these in multiple different fabrics and colours but we are particularly loving flannel at the moment as it is warm, breathable, durable, and looks great with its fuzzy texture.

2 – New shoes

A lot of people say a new pair of shoes can change your day, week, month, or even year.

They can make you feel brand new and shoes are most often the key to a great outfit. So maybe it’s time to invest in a new pair, especially if you haven’t updated your office shoes since before covid.

Our recommendation would be to go and see our friends at Gaziano & Girling who will be able to make shoes for you exactly how you want them.

4 – Upgrade your blazer

We have recently written a blog of a guide about investing in a new blazer in 2023 to update your wardrobe- this is definitely worth a read (New Blazer blog)

But like we say adding a new piece like a blazer even if the rest of your outfit is older can freshen up not just the look but also your mindset.

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