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2021 Summer wedding suits – Our top picks

With 2020 not working out how we had hoped, we have our fingers crossed for all this year’s new and rearranged weddings!

Here are our top picks for the best 2021 wedding suits.

Classic tweed

Tweed will always be a winner especially for outdoor, countryside and rustic style weddings.

With a huge range of weaves and colours you have so much choice.  Choose something that matches your theme or completely stand out with a flare of your own personality.

A great feature of tweed is that it looks good ‘head to toe’ in a classic three piece or it can be a used as a feature piece, for example as a waistcoat or tie.

tweed wedding suits

Double breasted

Over the last couple of years we have seen a welcome comeback for the double breasted suit but now with a more slim fitting and bespoke style compared to the 80’s.

Opting for only the groom to wear a double-breasted jacket would make them stand out from the rest of the wedding party.

Double breasted wedding suits

Unusual colours

Blue is the ‘go to’ colour for wedding suits but you could try something a little different with a bit more of a punch.

Pick a colour that you really love and shows your personality but will still look appropriate for your wedding day.

Why not look at burgundy or green, available in an almost unlimited range of fabrics.

Unusual wedding suit colours

Dinner suits (Black-Tie)

As there have been no events that we have been able to dress up for in the last year, why not make an effort and go for full Black tie?

Oozing sophistication it will really wow your guests, and the bride, as well as make you feel unbelievably good.

And it means your guests will also have to dress up to the nines which they will love!

black tie wedding suits

Fresh summer blues

Fresh blues paired with beige or camel are a 2021 ‘must have’.  They reflect hope and renewal and are a classic style that really suits everyone.

Try blue flannels to get something super modern and sleek.

summer blues wedding suits

Contact us now to take a look at all your options for the perfect 2021 wedding suit for you, in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom.

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