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2020 Summer Looks


Perhaps this is an optimistic blog, because we’ve dug into style predictions for this year under the assumption that when we are all eventually released from our apocalypse bunkers, it’s still summer. When that fateful day does finally cometh, you can bet we’ll be dressed to the nines in celebration of real clothes, without an elastic waistband.  What style awaits us at the other side of the tunnel? Read on…



Tartans and windowpanes alike, checks are a great way of making a statement this year. Windowpanes in faithful greys and blues can spice up your office wear without being too ostentatious, while a brighter more colourful tartan is a great casual suit option for events. Weddings, parties or any other excuse to flex your sartorial wings, checks are a great way of making a statement. 



Double Breasted 

The double breasted has been buffeted about on the winds of fashion popularity over the years. In their most recent history they were favoured from the 1930-50’s. They became less desirable for a few decades until they surfaced again in the 80’s to 2000. After a couple more years of dormancy the late 2010’s have seen the popularity of the DB climb once more. Its obvious why; they’re just as suitable in the office as they are at an event, and they suit a young man just as well as well as his elders. 



 Unusual and brighter colours

Unless you’re working in a more relaxed work environment, you may not get away with this trend in the office. Big colours have been finding their way into suits over the last few years as the world becomes more casual and sartorialists find new and interesting ways to keep the suit relevant. Summer brings with it weddings, festivals and regattas. With that in mind, think bold festival colours in a smart suiting format.




Brown suits had a bad wrap up until around the 80’s, especially in a work environment hence the phrase “No brown in town” – a sentiment some older gentlemen still stand by. Why this is isn’t certain, because brown looks good on all skin tones and can be dressed up or down as a suit or with jeans, which makes it an incredibly versatile addition to the wardrobe. Slowly but surely the Brown suit has gained in popularity, perhaps with a little help from the likes of celebrities such as Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. Today a well executed Brown suit can look great in or out of Town, go for it. 



Never out of styles

1960, 2020, and probably in 2050, some looks just don’t seem to go out of fashion. Classic summer looks revolve around pastel colours, pinks and blues, creams and tans. Soft on the eye and light to touch, they’ll keep you looking and feeling cool in the summer heat whatever the year. Mix any coloured jacket with white trousers to brighten up your look or try mixing shades of one colour I.e. light blue with Dark blue. White and beige suits reek of class, especially with a touch of colour in the form of a blue or pink shirt. 



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