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It’s time to say goodbye to working from home sloppiness

Covid has given us a free pass to wear our old sloppy clothes for the past two years when we have been working from home but now we should really be leaving that behind, let go of the sloppiness and embrace looking great.

The vast majority of us are back in the office in some capacity or another, maybe 3 days in and 2 days from home? So at least some of the week we are having to dress up a little bit And we all know how the business wardrobe has changed in the last 2 years to a more smart casual look.

We aren’t saying throw out your sweatpants or comfy jumper we are just staying instead of it being your go-to maybe save it for your most slobby day on the weekend or a Friday night and dress a bit more smart casual on your days working from home. It’s definitely helped us transition to being back in our suits and ties.

A great look is a pair of smarter jeans or cotton trousers layered with a basic T-shirt or polo and some form of knitwear whether that’s a cardigan, a crew neck, v neck or pull over. Great knitwear can get you far in life and we live by that.

A simple but a bit more office look is jeans or chinos with one of your work shirts but maybe a few buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up. You’ve still got the smart look but you aren’t restricted by the buttons and can move with ease.

If you are looking for some new workwear whether that’s smart-casual pieces for your companies new dress code or to wear at home, or you need a new suit because you are heading back to your office. We can help you talk through your needs and options that fit you and your work life.

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